Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm fine.....

Sorry guys...i was too busy to update you my condition....I'm fine...i'm doing good, eating and pooping as a bun should.

Lulu wasn’t kidding about that critical care stuff being awful. Actually the taste wasn’t bad, it was the being held very tightly by mummy and having a syringe stuck in my mouth that was awful!! I tell you, if that’s what not eating gets me, I’ll be eating my breakfast and dinner every day now on!!

Here are some of my latest photo to prove that I'm doing good...


1 comment:

thefluffies said...

Glad u are doing okies, Luli.

Love ur latest photos.. u look fat! Good! keep up eating, but dun forget to get ur exercise! Be notty!

Love u,
Aunt Nerq and the Fluffies